Payment Plans Available

One Year Free Maintenance

No Monthly Fees

There are no surprises with our pricing. You pay one fee that is all inclusive for one full year. NO MONTHLY FEES! 

Our prices start at $500 - $2000+ depending on what your website requires and the time involved to complete it.

All of our prices include the following:

  • Initial consultation. This can be either in person or by telephone.

  • Recommendations after consultation.

  • Stellar, creative, current and relevant website design.

  • One year website internet hosting

  • One year domain name hosting

  • 1 year free maintenance service

    • Does not include redesign of website) 

  • Basic SEO (Seach engine optimization)

  • Mobile optimized

  • Responsive web design (Allowing desktop web pages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing from).

  • Connection to your domain name

  • Go live on the internet

  • Social media link ups

Payment Plans Available

I understand that some new business startups do not include a much needed website.  You are reading this because you are realizing that having a website is the ultimate path to your internet presence and success of your business. I also understand that the impact of starting a business is financially draining. I also understand that you probably feel that you cannot afford the cost of having a website. And your dilemma is, that you realize that you cannot afford NOT to have have website. 


The beauty of being a freelancer is that I have complete control of my prices and how I am paid. Therefore, I am here to make sure that anyone can have a stellar no corners cut state of the arts website. 


Everyone has a different story and different needs, so my payment plans are completely customized to each clients needs. Just give me a call and let's make a plan.


What happens after the 12 month agreement?

  • You will need to renew your website hosting which will cost approximately $100 - $180.00 per year.

  • You will need to renew your domain name which will cost approximately $20 per year.

  • Our maintenance fees will be $75.00 per hour. 

    • Maintenance packages are available. Negotiable cost depends on the needs of your business.



The Process

The process to bring it all together from start to finish can seem a little overwhelming. However, we make an extreme effort to understand your vision and bring it to life with as little of your personal time as possible. 


The process can be broken down as follows:

  • Our first meeting consultation

    • We will discuss your visions for your website. What you want to be included as pages, links, etc. Most often, we will make an effort to understand your business, take notes during our consultation and will provide you with the first draft of your website of our takeaway from our discussions. 

    • Select a domain name if you do not already have one.

  • You pay 50% deposit

  • You begin to pull together photos and the verbiage to fill in the blanks.

  • We begin the design and within 3 days provide you with the design and layout of your website. This will include a well-defined homepage.

  • You will let us know if we are on the right track and make suggestions

  • We present you with a completed draft of your website and fine tune per your instructions.

  • You pay the 50% balance and we take your website live on the internet.




Additional Services For A Fee

While our primary focus is creating exquisite, unique and functional websites, we do have a few other services available at very competitive prices:

  • Custom Logos

  • Marketing materials:

    • Business cards to match your website

    • Brochures

    • Flyers

    • Post Cards

    • Rack Cards

    • Presentation Folders

    • Menus

    • Corporate Gifts with your company logo and business name

      • Personalized Mugs

      • Personalized Pens

      • Personalized Mouse Pads

      • Personalized USB Flash Drives

Please contact us directly for pricing

Contact us: Telephone: 310-749-3235 


Los Angeles, CA 

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